Who we are

We are a frugal and loving family on Andri-Peedo farm: owner Kermo, hostess Linda, small farmers Kert and Timo and Linda’s parents who support with advice and strength.

In 2009 we decided to move from the city to the countryside and start raising goats. We started with six mixed-blood goats. Later goat breed goats were brought from Germany who are recognized by its chocolate tone and white face mask.

In June 2017 the most modern goat farm in Estonia and Northern Europe was opened. Farm is designed for up to 500 animals. In addition a top-quality dairy and a unique hay dryer were completed at the farm. This allows us to provide to our animals high-quality feed, good living conditions, produce delicious goat’s milk and produce various dairy products on site.


Milk from animals that eat quality food and are satisfied is a great addition to any dining table.

The goats in Andri-Peedo farm produce mild-tasting milk which is bottled and used for various cheese products.

We offer our animals only high-quality hay that has been mowed from Natura 2000 organic areas and dried in the farm on site. No silage is used for food. That way they give us only the best milk. All our products are made from high-quality hay milk, even during winter time.

All our products are available HERE!

Come to visit us!

In southern Estonia between the green domes of Rõuge municipality there is Andri-Peedo farm. We are modern farm where goats are raised and varoius goat`s milk products are produced.

We will show you how our goats live, how the work is organized, how the goat’s milk gets into the bottle and how the cheeses made from the milk come into the box.

We introduce the value we add to products by producing high-quality feed and creating good living conditions for goats. Depending on the season it is also possible to see goat lambs.

Come and see what exciting solutions are used at Andri-Peedo Farm! Of course, we offer to taste all our products in our farm shop! Instructions for driving to us can be found HERE!