Andri-Peedo farm

Ain and Rutt who lived in Pärnu had a desire in the 1990s to buy a nice summer house to where they could hide with their four children from the city noise.

The important criteria were the beautiful landscape, the proximity of the forest and the water. The search began around Pärnu, but reached a distance of 235 km from the southeast corner of Estonia – near the town of Misso to the domes and lakes of Haanja. In the mid-2000s when the children were old enough Ain and Rutt decided to turn their summer home into a real home. There was also a connection with Võrumaa. The parents of the mother’s mother come from here and Rutt also speaks local Võru dialect.

Their daughther Linda and her partner Kermo also found out in 2009 that they want to connect their future with the beautiful natural place here and the friendly community. So it was decided to move to Andri-Peedo’s farm. There was a long discussion about what to do here. Ain came up with the idea to start raising goats.

At the beginning some Estonian goats were taken to see if the young people could do it and if they still have wish to do this. This will and diligence were there.

The following year decent goats were brought from Germany and the family started building the first barn for 50 goats. The animal’s big eyes and smiling mouth fascinated Linda and Kermo’s hearts. A year later the barn was completed and another 30 Thuringian goats moved in. In addition to the barn a milking room and a packing room were completed. Sales of raw milk could began. In cooperation with Nopri Farm Andri-Peedo’s goat’s milk began to reach stores across Estonia.

For a few years Linda and Kermo learned and gathered knowledge about the university, books, the Internet, traveled abroad, as well as during working in their own barn. It became clear that all the activities should be expanded. A business plan was made, contacts were made with the banks and PRIA and thanks to their trust the young people were able to start designing a larger farm at the end of 2013 – this time already for 500 goats. In June 2017 the most modern goat farm in Estonia and probably in Northern Europe was opened.

The goal of Andri-Peedo farm is to produce high-quality goat’s milk and products made from it. Animal welfare is very important and caring for them is our priority. The farm also has a rare hay dryer in Estonia where we can get the best quality fodder. Goats have plenty of room to move and always have the opportunity to go outside. We are currently in the process of transitioning to organic production.

Managing in this way our farm’s goat’s milk tastes particularly good. We emphasize the purity of farm products.

Linda and Kermo have been chosen as the young farmers of 2016.

The childhood home of the owner of Andri-Peedo farm is in Tihemetsa Pärnu County. When the family moved to Pärnu he started studying there at high school and practicing athletics where he achieved high results. Kermo has studied logistics at Mainor University College and completed military service in the logistics battalion. He is an active member of the Defense League, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Misso Kindergarten, Chairman of the Board of the Võrumaa Farmers’ Union and has been a member of the Misso Parish Council from 2013-2017. On the farm, Kermo operates all the barn equipment – tractors, milking equipment, hay dryer and crane.

Linda has been a city child – she was born in Tartu but graduated from basic school and high school in Pärnu. She holds diplomas from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tartu and the Estonian University of Life Sciences in farm management.

Linda has also been involved in high-level athletics. Connection between of two young people began in athletics training.

Linda’s task is to keep the entire paperwork and financial side in order. Besides all this she also manages to play volleyball in Rõuge Sports Hall.

Initially, the entire dairy and cheese-making office was also on her shoulders, but today the various products are already under the eyes of a skilled cheese master.

2016 young farmers Linda and Kermo at the reception of the President of Estonia.

Two young farmers Kert and Timo go to Misso kindergarten. In their free time they caress the goats.

Linda’s parents Ain and Rutt are a great help with advice and strength. They are good mentors in business and support with all ohter acitivities. When the younger people have long working days the children are kept and hot food is on the table.