Matured goat cheese

The handmade Italian matured goat cheese is a real treat for all cheese lovers.

The good taste of the cheese is largely determined by the quality of the milk. On our farm goats receive only hay which has been rated very good by researchers at the Estonian University of Life Sciences. Thanks to our hay drying technology we can give our animals the best hay all year round. Our cheeses are made only from pure hay milk and only salt, rennet and yeast have been added.

We have two varieties of matured goat cheese:

– Caporale (aged at least 2 months)

– Tenente (aged at least 6 months)

The longer the cheese matures, the more intense the taste. Therefore Tenente has a richer and stronger taste and Capora has a slightly more modest and mild taste.

The goat cheese from Andri-Peedo farm is slightly sweet and nutty but at the same time it has a pleasantly mild taste. Perfect for snacking, preparing or garnishing various dishes. When heated the taste of the cheese becomes more intense. Goat cheese tastes best when consumed at room temperature.

Our goat cheeses are matured naturally on wooden shelves where they are regularly cleaned and turned. In that way the tastes have chance to develop and gradually improve. You can feel it in the taste!

Matured goat cheese is lactose-free and suitable for those who cannot consume fresher dairy products.