White cheese

Our cheeses are made under the guidance of an Italian cheese master and the yeast we use also comes from Italy. So our cheeses have a strong connection to a real cheese paradise in Italy!

Camembert-type white cheese from goat’s milk is a unique product in Estonia that quickly won the hearts of cheese lovers! It is a slightly stronger but still mild-tasting mold cheese with a slightly creamy core and a slightly nutty and fresh taste.

Our cheeses are made in a special cabinet for about 10-14 days depending on the size of the batch where they are turned regularly. During this time a layer of white mold culture grows on the surface of the cheese which holds the cheese mass together, softens the contents and gives the product its characteristic taste.

White mold cheese is perfect for enjoying with fresh fruits such as pears, grapes or figs, as well as various cheese jams. Salty cookies and baguette-type breads are also definitely a sure choice.

White mold cheese is ideal for serving on a party table, for grilling, breading, baking, adding to salads or savory porridges!

The best taste properties of the cheese come out when served at room temperature. Therefore in order to get a taste experience the cheese could be taken out of the refrigerator a few hours before consumption.